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About Us

Hello there! If you're on this website, you're either a woman (or looking to purchase something for a woman) that partakes in the wonderful process of smoking marijuana. Marijuana used to be something that a lot of people avoided, it was a topic which made many individuals uneasy in the past. Women can relate to that, as we're constantly fighting the good fight, trying to maintain equality for us on this planet.

Women will always need to stick together, regardless of what we're trying to accomplish the only way to do it is through teamwork. If you're a female stoner and are in dire need of some awesome merchandise, all of which represents a greater cause, you're in the right place. T-shirts that have silly weed sayings on them will always remain a commodity, and I absolutely love it.

When you can reach a bigger audience and appeal to people with a broader meaning, it's going to go a lot further – that's what we're trying to do here. This isn't just another weed merchandise website, this is one that's dedicated to the women out there. We've all got mothers, so pay them some respect! Especially if they happened to be one of the founders of the modern female pot society (it's not a real organization, although if it were, it'd probably be located in an underground base somewhere cool).

WeSmokeToo is a website that I made because I felt like women were being undervalued in the weed industry. We can do just as much work as the men, and also smoke just as much pot! In some cases, I guarantee you that we'll be able to smoke more – different tokes for different folks. Whatever you're looking for, I hope that you can find it with ease, here on WeSmokeToo

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